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intuitionistic fuzzy multicriteria group decision making

Explicación: Fuzzy Multi-Criteria of Group Decision Making

IVIFS and Decision Making Author RK Mohanty1, Sooraj.T.R2, B.K Tripathy3 SCSE, VIT University, Vellore, TN 1rknmohanty@gmail.com, ...

Fuzzy Data for Decision Making

Multi Criteria Decision Making - Example An Example to Select the best mobile phone from many alternative.

Session 3. Ronald R Yager: Fuzzy sets

intuitionistic fuzzy sets spherical representation and

Fuzzy Logic Tutorials | Introduction to Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Sets & Fuzzy Set Operations Fuzzy logic tutorials to understand the basic concept of fuzzy set and fuzzy set operations. How fuzzy set is different from ...

Type2 fuzzy set , Instutionistic fuzzy set & Extension principle - Lecture 06 By Prof S